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    Web based Well Data Transmission and Monitoring
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        This system is intent to transmit of all kinds of data (Logging while drilling, mud logging, Drilling, testing and others) from well site (ocean platform/land well site) to base (Oil company/ Oil field). By establishing and management wellsite real-time(RT) database, all kinds of real-time data from well site can be transferred to office by Internet/Intranet Networks with Web based mode, so that the petroleum experts can check all kinds of RT dynamic data in office, to monitor and guide the onsite drilling .

        The system operation is easy to learn. Simply opening the Web browser, the users can access the wellsite real-time monitoring system (Intranet safe). It provides real-time browsing, drilling parameters dashboard monitoring, gas and mud logging display, projection of deviated wells, logging while drilling curves display, target projection and well trajectory projection, etc. Meanwhile, it supports data query and management for the drilled wells, also can export into various format file, such as LAS, text and graphics, beneficial to be shared by other software.

        This system officially launches on Sep. 2007, and up to Jan. 2015 it had successfully completed more than 700 wells remote data transmission and monitoring for CNOOC, Petro China, SinoPec. Partners recover the project investment in three months. 



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